I got the chance to see Itsmyluckyday today! He was one of the sweetest Thoroughbreds I’ve ever met. He even rested his head on my shoulder as he begged for scratches =)

I hope he does well in the Florida Derby on March 30th! He now has the track record in 8.5 furlongs at Gulfstream, so he should be able to pull out another fantastic time on the same course. It would be amazing to be able to say I’ve met a runner in the Kentucky Derby. 

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    A lot of people are assuming this colt can’t go past 9 furlongs. A horse that fast is going to be better than the other...
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    It would be perfect for him to win the Derby (and the Triple Crown) just because of his name
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    more reasons to love Itsmyluckyday
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    He was super friendly! We had such a great morning and can’t wait to see him again later in the week!
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